Adaptive Action Workshops

Our workshops focus on developing adaptive skills to addressing business problems. The process is called, The Action WheelTM

Workshop Topics

  • The Six Keys to High Performance
  • Optimizing Team Performance
  • What’s Really Going on?
  • The Power of Trust
  • Change
  • Driving Alignment
  • Dealing with Difficult People

What We Can Do For You:

  • Make Great Decisions – Great decisions are clear and enthusiastically supported. Awareness and command of the six dimensions of ACTION enables participants to better understand, predict, and lead others to achieve successful outcomes. Used effectively, these six dimensions provide the levers to leadership to drive individual engagement, unity, alignment, and high performance. Participants are given a practical, intuitive framework for working adaptively with others. It delivers a clear methodology for understanding how to take the lead in driving action forward effectively. ROI: Efficiency, Sustained engagement, commitment to drive product and services to customers.
  • Achieve Sustained Success in Change & Quality Initiatives. Successful change MUST work from the top and the bottom simultaneously with strong levels of dissatisfaction built into the process. Current research suggests Six Sigma and LEAN processes are successfully fulfilling their desired intent about 5-50-% of the time.** This averages out to about 20-25% success rate. Failure is built into a system that does not create dissatisfaction nor dive deeply enough in the value proposition for the change. ROI: Increase the success rate of interventions 50+% by applying tried and true change practices that are embedded in ACTION.
  • Understanding and resolving conflict, differences, misalignments. Our process untangles embedded agendas that do not serve the customer but focus instead on internal goals, plans, and strategies. To effect real differences and conflict, underlying adaptive misalignments must be effectively diagnosed and resolved. Our practical Action process unpacks perceived issues, diagnoses the underlying root cause, and pulls forward deep adaptive differences. 80% of complex challenges have underlying, adaptive causes that are holding back powerful customer solutions.*** When we try to work on the adaptive aspects, we often mistakenly work primarily or exclusively on the symptoms. ROI: Reduce internal adaptive agendas with focus moving to customer outcomes rather than internal differences.
  • Retain Your Talent. Research states**** that employees resign due to their working relationship with their direct manager/supervisor, NOT the vision of the company or the charisma of its leaders. Cost for each rehire is averaging about 1.5 times their yearly salary. Gallup goes on to identify 12 questions (12Q) that need to be addressed for employees to be happy and encouraged at work. Our tangible ACTION approach has all 12 questions embedded into each action – making retention a natural by-product of every employee. ROI: Reduction of turnover
  • Elevate Team Performance. In the US marketplace, 71% of all employees are either unengaged or completely disengaged at work.***** How a leader moves through the six dimensions of ACTION will impact the level of engagement of their staff. Participants experience the disconnects that occur between the six action dimensions. The concept of “misalignments” - the reasons how and why people and support are so often derailed – are introduced. Participants leave with an understanding of how to move through actions in an ordered and logical way to engage and sustain support from all stakeholders. ROI: 5-10 % minimum higher employee engagement
  • Succeed in Strategic Change. Strategic planning has a 20% success rate in the marketplace nationally and internationally.****** Our Action approach to strategic planning has a 75-95% success rate. All major factors for a successful strategy are incorporated in our process. ROI: 75-95% strategy success/roll out ratio.

Our approach to leading through a focus on ACTION provides a tangible process for addressing all of the above examples. We would love to have you consider our adaptive Action Wheel process for unlimited internal operational savings.

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**Why Lean Manufacturing Fails - iSixSigma
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