Other Services

ATL and AWL offer products that can help leaders understand the internal adaptive needs of their organization.

AWA - The Action Wheel Assessment is designed to be an organizational MRI. It will diagnose whether an organization is growing and prospering or is unhealthy and declining. It can pinpoint precisely where your organization is strong and where it is vulnerable.

How valuable would it be to you as a leader to have your team collaboratively determine what issues are holding them back, and MUST be addressed?

This is what can be accomplished with our Action Wheel Assessment, an organizational tool used to spot light problem areas as well as areas of strength. Did you know that the alignment of a team’s members is the single greatest determinant of that team’s performance?* Just as a car can’t perform well when some of its parts are misaligned, a team can’t perform well if its members aren’t aligned. Many real needs and issues are often hidden.

It seems simple, but we’ve found in our 30 plus years of research that you must first figure out what’s going on before you can think about fixing it. Just as a physician might use an MRI to evaluate a person's “soft tissues”, our proprietary Action Wheel Assessment tool is used to assess your organization's “soft issues.” In this workshop, your leadership team discusses and agrees upon the actions they need – and want – to work on to improve overall alignment.

In many cases, the result of our Alignment Process is to surface many of the same issues the leader would like to have addressed. The difference, though, in enthusiasm and engagement when the team determines for themselves where the biggest alignment issues fall vs. when the leader dictates the actions that need to be taken cannot be overstated.

Performance Preference Assessment - Just as each of us has physical defaults, like right- vs. left-handedness, we also each have 'performance defaults' that inform how we approach our work. Have you ever wondered why some projects run smoothly from concept to completion, while other initiatives suddenly go off the rails? Do you find that you work well with some co-workers yet find it difficult, or even impossible, to work with others?

Our Performance Preferences Workshop will help you discover your own performance profile and explore how differences that frustrate you can be understood and even become the key to optimizing team performance.

LQ360 - Every action we take as leaders has six fundamental dimensions. From completing routine tasks, to launching and driving new initiatives, to making sound decisions and solving problems the right way, the successful outcome of each action depends directly on the leader’s aptitude in these six key dimensions

Our Leadership Quotient 360 Assessment (LQ360) directly measures your ability in these six dimensions. Spanning 18 critical leadership competencies, the LQ360 gives you a clear view of your strengths, as well as areas where you may have gaps. By combining your input with the perspectives of your bosses, peers, and direct reports, your LQ 360 Report gives you an authentic, 360 degree view of your unique Leadership Quotient.

You can take this assessment individually to receive your personal report. Or, your entire team or workgroup can each take the assessment, to reveal both individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as your group’s overall makeup.