Who We Are

USA: Dr. Hultgren is the president and owner of Above the Line Leaders International and a partner in The AWL Group, both Minneapolis-based leadership consulting firms offering strategy, leadership development, and consulting within an internationally recognized paradigm called Authentic Action.

Dr. Hultgren works with numerous AWL Group associates.

  • Kurt Bramer – HCMC
  • Tadd Walker – AWL
  • Bernie Johnson – AWL
  • Donna Rae Scheffert – AWL
  • Larry Walker – AWL
  • Judie Ramsey – AWL
  • Warren Hoffman – AWL

Australia: Peter Jones, Managing Director of Prological. Peter’s specialization is in freight management and network design, both international and domestic. He is also very strong in strategy concepts and visualization. He understands at a very intuitive level the relationships and off-sets between manufacturing, international and domestic freight, networks and nodes, along with warehouse space, inventory levels and contingency planning.

England/Europe: Neil Bennett MSc CMI. Senior Partner & Executive Consultant of the Exeter Group (working under the AWL Group). Royal Marines Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), Leader and Leadership Development, MSc Leadership (Cranfield), Chartered Manager (CMI), Social Saxophonist. Neil has gained an impressive resume in leadership development during the past 10 years as Director of the UK’s Royal Naval Division. Having practiced and studied leadership he has focused his energies on adaptive skill building in authentic leadership.