Online Training

The Trust Edge Leadership process can be applied in any industry. The introduction above was for a professional program with doctors, dentists, and orthodontists.

This program presents a systems wide approach to leadership that works through any and every leadership issue within your company. This process also teaches you how to identify confusing and complex issues and then resolve them.

Participants will:
  1. Grasp a common language for leadership
  2. Elevate the engagement of your personnel
  3. Grasp and apply the six elements of action to all issues
  4. Learn how to use an on-line leadership systems inventory that uncovers issues needing to be addressed in your organization, department, or division
  5. Build a hope filled enduring organization through the application of the six pillars of trust
The training process has three parts to the program:
  • Part One focuses on understanding action and applying the six elements of action to all aspects of your business and/or department.
  • Part Two addresses six critical influence factors that build cultures of trust and engagement.  Each factor is tied to one element of action for ease of use and understanding.
  • Part Three introduces participants to a deeper application of the leadership approach teaching them to uncover and frame “real” hidden issues, that are often misunderstood or ignored.
  • All material is taught in real time with your real issues.