Why Choose ATL Leaders?

Research shows that 80% of business issues are adaptive, i.e. caused by individual or teams that are not aligned with the same values, goals and objectives. The biggest opportunity for organizational improvement is strengthening the adaptive skills of its people.

Our Action Wheel framework builds adaptive skills. Our process is tangible and reproducible creating a systematic approach to successful alignment of people and teams. What we can do for you:

  • Address Root Causes, Not Symptoms
    • Understand and resolve conflict
    • Find common ground to unify differences
    • ROI: Conflict reduction, unified goals and objectives
  • Make Great Decisions
    • Engage the influencers in the organization to engage all staff
    • Reduce resistance
    • ROI: Leadership, management, and staff pulling together and aligned
  • Drive Change & Quality.
    • Recognize that all change involves loss. Values and goals must be clear and owned
    • Work change from the top and the bottom simultaneously
    • Build strong levels of dissatisfaction with status quo into the process
    • ROI: Increase the success rate of change interventions 50-70%
    • ROI: Increase strategic plan success rate 75-95%
  • Retain Talent.
    • Align employees and their bosses making retention a natural by-product
    • Minimize costly rehiring
    • ROI: Reduction of turnover
  • Elevate Team Performance.
    • Align team members to common goals and objectives
    • Engage team members to deliver maximum effort
    • Increase self-awareness and awareness of differences in others
    • ROI: 10-20% higher team performance
  • Improve Morale.
    • Aligned employees are motivated employees
    • High performing employees are engaged employees
    • ROI: Motivated and engaged work force

Equip your leaders and managers with the skills to engage others to achieve common goals and objectives. Return on investment comes from confident teams that have a common language and system for moving your organization forward.