Section 3 - Framing Issues


In business today we spend over 70% of our time focusing on the ‘presenting problem’ and ignore the underlying cause. We also spend about 90% of our time locked into the present and the past when the world as we know it is changing all around us. By fully understanding where our focus should be, we can start leading, not merely managing. We can start influencing behavior rather than trying to control it.

In this section, executives, directors, senior managers, and front line supervisors identify and then resolve underlying “real” issues. The material is rooted in understanding how action links with ethics, emotional intelligence, and effective resolution to real time. After going through this workshop leaders and managers will be able to quickly identify real issues as they arise in meetings and work to solve those problems immediately. Being able to read and then resolve real issues leads to trust, effective communication, empowered staff, just and fair systems, ownership of the organizational goals, and deeper relationships and accountability for organizational action.

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