Section 2 - Working with Influence and the Trust Edge Pillars


Most theorists agree that leadership involves action and influence. To many theorists, action is the application of energy expended to achieve a certain outcome. In Section One it was learned that action is a process that involves six elements that when applied in a certain way will achieve agreed upon outcomes.

Whereas the first section stressed how to work with action, this section will focus on influence and how the character of the leader will determine the level of unity achieved. A leader of integrity will build trust as the action process unfolds, resulting in deeper trust and encouragement. Conversely, an unethical leader, while building clarity around action, will leave behind an aroma of distrust and perhaps even fear.

Participants will learn how ethics are mapped to the six elements of action. In particular, the ethics are linked with six trust pillars that pull people together in unity and alignment. Further, they will see how fear is bred when the trust pillars are absent, leaving behind confused and disjointed personnel and teams.

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